Volunteer and Connect

Aside from general membership, many people choose to initially get involved or get more involved by volunteering their time and skills. Becoming a volunteer or ambassador provides an opportunity to do just that.


The Chamber is a largely volunteer-run organization, and volunteering is a common way to get more involved. Common volunteer activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Executing the largest annual queer-focused professional networking event in the DC region
  • Ensuring the smooth logistical operation of regular monthly and quarterly professional development and networking events
  • Representing te Chamber at Pride and other community events
  • Conducting and analyzing membership surveys for quality assurance
  • Delivering a training on a topic in which you’re an expert, which also offers increased exposure to your business
  • Providing specialized professional services, which can often be exchanged for in-kind membership and sponsorship benefits

Chamber membership is not a requirement for volunteering. In fact, many people have volunteered to get more involved before deciding if they want to formally join. Additionally, volunteers at paid events always attend for free, and have off-duty time to make the most of it. If you feel on the margin, you can go from the edge to the center in one easy step; volunteer.

To sign up, Please complete this form so we know your interests!

Become an Ambassador

More experienced members can choose to become ambassadors who provide targeted advice and connection-making to members. They are responsible for welcoming newcomers, facilitating structured networking opportunities, and serving as an effective networking core to events so that attendees get the most out of the experience. The ambassadors are typically professionals who can say, “If I can't help you, I know someone who can.”

Ambassadors represent everyone in the queer and allied community, and  focus on making connections regardless of where you’ve come from. Becoming an ambassador is both a fulfilling opportunity to help people and a way to place yourself at the center of activity to stay aware of business and professional opportunities in the area.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, email the team to find out more!